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Thu, Jan. 6th, 2011, 04:33 pm
Monteverde Costa Rica

We arrived in Monteverde earlier today around 1230. The ride up was an experience. Not too long of a trip, we were picked up outside our hostel in San Jose at 0800 and immediately taken to another hostel where we picked up another couple. We could determine if they were French or German but they defiantly did not speak English. We dropped them off at a resort town on the gulf, it didn't look like there was much to so there as far as activities it must have been an all inclusive. Some people just like those kind of vacations.

After we had dropped them off we continued on our way. It was a paved road for about the next ten miles but then turned into a dirt road. This dirt road was pretty bad, may have been. One of the worst ones I've ever been on. We made of safely to monteverde though. Once we got to the hostel we went out for some dinner at a small local restaurant, they spoke no English here and it was hard to read the menu other then the type of meat and rice, we all ordered chicken and rice, Chris actually ordered beef and rice, but the food was delicious.

After lunch we headed out to the local cheese factory for a tour. I learned alot there the entire city of monteverde was founded because of this cheese factory. They said they were the third largest cheese factory in Costa Rica. They have us samples and every bit of them were delicious, just melted on your mouth. They have one cheese which is their own made no where else, its smooth like a mozzarella but a little different taste to of. Of only took ten days on the cold case where as the mozzarella take three months. We also had a sample of caramel there made from the whey of the milk, very smooth and soft as well. It didn't stick to your teeth when eating it.

After he cheese factory it was time to come back to the hostel and get ready for the night hike. It was wonderful walking around the rainforest at night. We were in a small group of eight and our guide was very good. He knew alot about the insects we were looking at and all the animals. We didn't see much, a few different spiders, crickets, a small tree frog a few ant eater like animals I have already forgotten their name. We tried to get a black widow to come out of her hole but she wasn't wanted to come out. The leaf cutting ants were amazing and how they all work together each one with their own job living in harmony. What an experience the night hike was defiantly worth the money and I would pay to do of again.

After the night hike we came back tot he hostel to get ready for diner. We walked around the town looking for a nice place to go. This place called the Treehouse is where we decided to settle. The atmosphere was nice and modern, and the actual restruant was built around a tree. However the food there was terrible, it was defiently a tourist trap and they didnt even treat us very nicely there. When we got done eatting we sat out on the hammocks and drank a few beers. Craig went to bed early and Chris, Vivic and I went to the disco. There was not many people there, i think because it was a Thursday night, all the locals say that Friday and Saturday are very busy. We only had one beer there and a few shots of this one liquor we bought made from sugarcane. Our bus driver on the way to Monteverde told us to get it because it was very good. I dont quite agree with him that is was very good, taste a lot like vodka, but it was nice to try it at least. We went to bed around 0030 after returning from the disco.

The next morning craig and I got up at 0700 and made some nice breakfast. After we went for a walk around the town, when we got back the other two were just getting out of bed. We were planning on going to the waterfall early on the morning, but since they decised not to get up we were not able to go, I think we will try for another day.

This same day we went to do the sky walk, sky tram and zip line. We did the walk first, it was very nice, some of it was on suspension bridges which was over the cloud forest. We also saw some howler monkeys that came very close to us on the bridge. It was a family of about 12 with many babies. When the bridge tour was done, we tok the tram up tot he top of the mountain and then zip lined down. The zip line was very good, there were ten lines all together. Some of them you would do single, and some of them you would do with two people. It was cloudy there so it was like you were zipping into the abyss.

That evening we stayed around the hostel and just chatted with other guest. About 95% of the people staying here are from colorado. The people we were playing poker with last night were from right around where we grew up.

Our last full day on monteverde we woke very early to head out to the coffee plantation. It was a very nice tour and very long. We were first taken to a farmers land and he showed us the whole process of how the coffee beans are made. After the farmers land we went to the coffee shop and tried the different coffees. They were all very nice and very fresh tasting.

After the coffee tour we went to the cloud forest and just walked around our our own for a bit. We didn't see much, just a few different species of birds. We walked up to the continental divide, but it was very cloudy so we were not able tos see both sides of the oceans. It would have been nice to walk in the forest a bit more, especially in the early morning hours where maybe some animals are just going to bed and others are waking.

Vivic and I went on a second night hike this evening. This one was done by another company abduction in a different type of terrain. Not as wet and dense as the cloud forest. We were very lucky on those hike, we saw a small non poisonous snake right as we were entering the forest. Not much further up the trail was a mother sloth high in the tree. On her belly was about a six month old baby. They were quite far away and we didn't get a clear picture, but I'm very happy to nave seen one. Soon after we stumbled upon another snake, a poisonous one this time. It. Was much bigger then the first one we saw and bright green. The guide said it was extremely rare to see this snake and it was only the second one he'd ever seen in his life. A bit further up the trail was a kikiachoo high in Tue trees. This was also a very rare animal to see, and he was very very high in the tree. We saw a large tranchuilla in her hole and the guide got her to come out for just a few seconds. There were more of the leaf cutter ants and on our way back we saw a stick insect. All in all a very nice experience. Our last dinner in monteverde we went to a local restaurant but it was also close to the main road and the food was not all that great. The service was even worse, it took over an hour to het our food.

I am leaving monteverde with many wonderful memories, as I sit here drinking tea and watching the sun rise. Many birds are flying around as they are all very wonderful in this magical rainforest.

Sat, Oct. 30th, 2010, 12:48 pm

Here we are down in Freeport docking this LNG ship a job that I must have done at least nine or so times by now, but every-time we get a new captain here on the Wesley they freak out as though this job is going to end the world. This morning dispatch told me that they had sent the wrong job for us to transit down on so he sent me the new job and told me to just put yesterday's times in. Well there was a bunch of stuff going on this morning getting ready for the job letting the Juno out to go to a job etc. so I had forgot to mention it to rob. Well the only thing rob knows is the cameron LNG stuff and I guess they have it set up a different way down there when they do the job, so he was trying to tell me how to do the job here and wouldn't listen to me even though I've done this many times. Pisses me off!

More things to come.

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Thu, Jul. 1st, 2010, 10:51 am
Covering for myself in the future of G&H and my career

I am writing this journal entry to cover for myself against Mr. Jason Briones, acting captain on the Wesley A.

29 JUNE 2010

When I came on the boat Tuesday 29 June 2010, Mr. Briones had told me that he wanted to talk to me about something. When I came downstairs to talk to him he brought me outside to the PORT side of the WESLEY A just above the shoulder bits on the bow. He had pointed out to me that it had been scraped and paint rubbed off, showing me two different areas, one that had been rusted and one that had not been rusted. I had explained to him that it had been there for a period of time. Mr. Briones then claimed that the non-rusted spot had not been there for a while and claimed that Captain Russell Gibson was very upset upon sighting of the bow. The way that Mr. Briones was saying this to me made it seem as though he was placing the blame on me. Mr. Briones then told me that it would be fixed by the end of the day. At that point I put on my work clothes and went out to fix the bow. From here on out whenever I do a job on the WESLEY A and Mr. Briones is the captain I will be taking a picture of the bow before I leave the dock and when I return to the dock after a job. I do not trust Mr. Briones and think that he is plotting against me.

30 JUNE 2010

Today Mr. Briones broke a bit off of the M/V Northern Diversity. He was laughing and joking with friends, but also nervous to tell the office because it might hinder him from being promoted.

1 JULY 2010

This morning Captain Colson, from the LEXIE M, and I were talking about me sitting for my 1600T Master license. Captain Colson made a comment that I would be the first female captain at G&H, and Mr. Briones butted in with a sly comment of "when you get your masters license I will make sure I do something to the boat to make you look bad." He then walked inside the WESLEY A. Again, I believe that Mr. Briones is plotting against me and I do not trust him.

11 JULY 2010

Departed for Freeport today. once we arrived my boyfriend had brought me dinner to the GH dock. Mr. Briones was encouraging me to leave with him to go eat dinner. I did not leave the property, but I believe he was trying to set me up by telling me to leave.

12 JULY 2010

This morning around 0600 the boat was paged. USCG was about to board to inspect the vessel before we docked the LNG ENUGU. I stayed in bed during the inspection as I was up until 0300 studying for my master's exam, however I was informed later that the USCG came on board and caught Mr. Briones with the back hatch wide open as well as all alarms on the watertight doors had been secured so that they would not go off if the door were opened for more then 15 seconds. When returning from Freeport and at 5 MILE, dispatch gave us a job, the SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS going to Barbours Cut. Captain Brown ask me to go through the stem, as I was getting into position to put up my line up when Mr. Briones stepped in front of me and told me that I was not getting the correct chock, that I should have gotten the chock behind the anchor. I told Mr. Briones the reason I didn't go for that chock was because I thought my line might get fouled on the anchor. Mr. Briones apparently didn't think I was capable of the job and took over, switching his line. The job could have easily been done where I had placed the line and I do not appreciate Mr. Briones' actions toward me at that moment.

Fri, Dec. 25th, 2009, 11:08 am

What a year I have had from break ups, to finding new love, travels all over the world and re-connecting with my faviorte friends. I have decided to write about my year in 2009 so I can remember for many years what a year this has been.

The year started out January 1st on the Harris II. I remember freezing trying to fall asleep on that dirty old boat. Haven't benn back since and don't say that I care to.

In mid January I was assigned to the Weslay A one of the newest boats in the fleet at G&H. I was very honored to be put on the Wesley and am still honored today to be the mate on the Wesley A red watch.

At the end of January I flew out to Las Vegas for the first time. I met Chris, Craig, Kat and Tyler. We stayed the the New York, New York and I can honestly say that I do not remember much about that trip, but I do remember having lots of fun.

Mon, Aug. 17th, 2009, 10:57 pm

So i've started going to crossfit. i love the environment and love the people there. i am so so sore though. i know it will pay off in the long run but right now its hurting. I'm going to volleyball tonight with lindsay my first E&A event in over a month but i'm really excited and hope that there are some nice new people. It rained, thundered, and lighting alot today but we do need the rain really bad so i'm glad to take it.

Sun, Aug. 9th, 2009, 11:33 pm
Life, as we don't know it

So I've decided I am going to start typing in my blog again, not that I have much interesting to say but I'd like to have a record of the crazy life I live.....

Was planning on having a nice quite night in catching up on my big brother episodes, but Becky called at 2100 and asked if I wanted to go watch her boys play softball. Never let an opportunity to make friends pass you up. Went to the ballpark, drank beer, hung out and had a great time. 

Wed, Jun. 25th, 2008, 02:10 pm
Kill me before he does

SO I had to leave him again today to get away from the situation. We were having a good day until we were driving back from TWIC and he asked if I could stop by Lowes, so I said sure and stopped by. Well little did I know what he was up to. He went  there to look at new things for the caprice house because for some reason he thought that he would look at ne stuff with me ti would make me want that house. NO NO NO I dont want that house there is not 1 thing I like about the house and I think the only reason he wants it is because he knows I HATE HATE HATE it. 

So that stared a fight then he said I;m not allowed to go to jamaica with his and his fmaily because I am unwelcome and not wanted. so fine I wont go, and I'll even call his mother up and tell her why  I am not goign ebcause he doesn't want me to go. On the way home I had written him a check for 50 dollars because I owed it to him from getting a fax machine earlier but he refused the check anf through it in the back of the car. It looked like he was about ready to leave the car so I told him to get out cause I didnt want to be around him right then, then he stayed in the car. He was verbally threating me and laughing at me he calls me stupid and I really think that I hate him I don't want to be in this relationship anymore but Idont know how to get out. Please someone I need help to get out of this situation.

Fri, May. 23rd, 2008, 05:18 pm
What about all the times you hurt me in the past??

So yesterday we got off of our boats and headed home. Alex was having a bad day from the start as he had gotten pulled over by the cops and given a ticket, by the way his first ticket ever. After we had gotten home we both discussed what had happened on our watches and needles to say both of our watches didn't go so well. Dave got kicked off Boyd's boat and I got kicked off my boat. The only slight fight yesterday was about the doctor. Alex had made himself a doctors appointment yesterday to get some help for his BP, but when I mentioned we had to go to the appointment, he started to get in one of his "I'm not going moods" Which I had kinda figured i the first place, even though I had been reminding him the entire four days on the boat we had the appointment that day. I had also told him when he made the appointment that it was on a crew change morning which is not good timing for anyone. Well I had to call and cancel the appointment and move it back to June 2nd for him, but lets see if he goes then.

Today, well today was compleatly different from yesterday. In fact the entire day started out bad. He has been complaining that the bed were sleeping on is losing air, which I think so too cause in the morning we are both in the center of the bed. Well yesterday we had looked at the good will for a bed frame and he had found one that he liked for 99.00, but I thought that we might shop around alittle more and see what we can find, so today we went to walmart, and we found a brand new one for 125.00. I thought we should get it, but apparently he didn't think so. Well we started discussing it in the walmart, and all he kept saying was "I always get my way, I'm inconciderate" etc. He also felt as though everyone in walmart was watching him and staring at him because we were having a discussion, but I didn't see anyone staring or even looking in our direction. Well in the store we went our different direction and I went to go buy the paint he needed for punching the holes in our apartment during the last "big fight". Well when I was done I tried to call him, but he would not answer his cell phone. So I went to his car and there he was sitting. I asked him to please take me home. While driving home, he decided to stop at dairy queen because he knows it my faviorte ice cream place nad get me a banana split. He always does this after an arguement he goes and gets me food so that I can forget about the problems we are having and thank him for the ice cream, but I didn't even want the ice cream and when he got it he through it in my lap. I placed it on the councel because I didn't want it in the first place and he picked it up and through it again. When I said I don't want it, he started yelling and slamming his fist in his had. At that point I got out of the car because it was a dangourous situation and I didn't want him to hit me again, well as I was going in the back seat to get my purse, he speed off almost closing my hand in the door with everything I owned. There was a lady behind us that saw everything and stopped with her sin to make sure that I was alright. I'm really not alright I said but I can't do anything I don't have my phone, my wallet or anything because he speed off with it. Well I told her thank you for stopping by anyways. After he had relized someone saw him he came back around to pick me up. I got in the back seat and asked him to please drive me home. He was yelling and yelling over and over again saying that I was immuture and wouldn't get in the front seat. When i told him I wasn't going to egt in the front seat that I was scared of him and just wanted to go home he through his car keys at me and got out of the car started walking somewhere. So I had gotten into the drivers seat and began to drive home. once he saw me driving he ran back toward the car and got in the passenger side. I drove straight home well he was still yelling at me all the way home about finances and how he was going to pay for a home. Well I explained to him that I had been paying all the bills realated to the apartment, rent, electricty, water, phone etc. I asked him if his only two bills were his loans and his car why he couldn't come up with money. He got mad again so I just drove home and didn't say anything until I parked the car. When I had gotten out of the car I asked if I caould have my house keys so I could get into the apartment, but he wouldn't giv them to me, they were in his pocket. I asked him nicely about five time and he still wouldn't give them to me so I told him that I would go to the front office and have them let me in. Well his reaction to that was "Yeah so you can make me look bad like a mad man, like a beater" When I didn't give up and starting going to the office he pulled out my keys and gave them to me. I went inside for a biref moment to change my pants since ice cream had been spilled all over them and then I left to go to the grocey store. When I came back from the store he was cleaning the apartment like he always does when we have a fight. I asked if he would help me carry in the food and he eventually did. After that I put the food away and started organizing stuff around the house. He left and went to Kinkos, I think when he came back I had diner ready which was a silent diner, when I asked whats wrong he  said I really hurt him today. I told him I was sorry but he wouldn't accept it so I countinued to eat my food with no words. After dinner I cleaned the dishes and went to take out trash and get mail now I'm here writting this, but he came in saying he wanted to talk to me about something, so lets see where this one goes.

Tue, May. 20th, 2008, 07:02 pm
Alittle Better

So yesterday I was pissed all day long because of this asshole who had gotten on board, well he was suppose to get off and go to the Juno, but Chris blew a fit and so now he's staying on. Well this morning I woke up and realized exactly how many people we have on board when I had to wait for the bathroom. Seven people one small bathroom, doesn't really work. Well I finally got in after waiting in a line, litterly. Well after I found out that this one guy wanted to go home so he went to talk to Charlie and went home. So I was thinking ok, good now there's only six people on board, I can handle that, well as soon as the one guy got off another one came on. But it's ok cause we only have a few more days left. Also the guy that was being an asshole got told he must listen to me and now he's being really nice.


Mon, May. 19th, 2008, 09:50 am
I'm mad, confused, pissed ...... awwwwww

So I came to work yesterday all happy that I was going to be able to work with chris cause he is working over for frank, well it all turned into a big blow out bash and I'm stressed pissed every emotion that you could be.

So first off there is this one man named paul who is completely full of himself, thinks he is the hottest shit on earth. Oh and by the way did I mention that he believes that women should stay at home and cook all day long, well I got news for you buddy it doesn't work that way.

Alittle bit more relaxed now, I went up to the office and told them about the ass so they are going to remove him from the boat and once they do things will be much better.

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